Guest Speaker Reggie Dabbs Visits ISD 15 Schools

Motivational Speaker Reggie Dabbs came to speak to the different schools in the district. Reporter Casey Shields talked to him before he left to go talk to the other schools.


Casey Shields, Website Editor

Reggie Dabbs is a highly sought after motivational speaker that visited our school in January. The inspirational man uses his experiences to show other teens who are going through similar situations that they aren’t alone. It seemed as if all the students in the assembly resonated with his powerful words. He even performed music on his Soprano Saxophone to get the the crowd into the groove. Like many others I wanted to know his reason for becoming a motivational speaker.

“Because I can.” Dabbs said “Sometimes you just got to help somebody, even if you don’t see the end result.” Reggie seemed to love to the work as well as the result when it comes to his profession. What was his favorite part of the job he loves?

“I love to make people laugh,” he said “I also love the music part too.” His love for music is evident by the skill of which he plays his saxophone. Everyone else seemed to love his playing as much as I did.

“Music opens the heart” said Reggie when asked about how music has helped him reach teens. “Music and jokes is the gateway to the soul” During his speech he brought out another music act in the form of a young women rapper. She performed two songs from her upcoming album. The end of the motivational story was wrapping up and tears were being dried from numerous eyes in the crowd, I wondered what message most of the students took away from Reggie Dabbs. What message did Reggie want us to take way with us?

“Hope” said Dabbs “No matter what, hope.”